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All of Arjays' Hot Glass Art begins life as sheets of glass. By cutting and forming, Arjay takes these sheets and creats
bowls, plates, and unique sculptures of glass. Some can be used in everyday settings as a special centerpiece or
fruitbowl. Many are more suited for your walls or as prized possessions on your mantle.
This very heavy (in excess of 2 pounds!) designer plate would look
incredible as both centerpiece or artwork. This one of a kind plate
is based on a special run of swirled glass from a local supplier that
will certainly never be duplicated. 11" across.
Striped Plate
Slash Plate
Palm Plate
Red Hat Plate
Brown Bowl
Compass Plate
These are a few of the designs
available now. Arjay will have
new designs up every week.
Check back often to see what's