Arjay's House features hand created wire and glass art jewelry and hot
fused glass art pieces. Arjay designs and creates all of her pieces, so
each is unique. You'll never see your best friend wearing the exact same
piece you are! No mass manufacturing here - only old-fashioned
American quality.

From pendants (with necklaces of silk or leather or a precious metal
(like silver or gold) to hand-crafted rings, bracelets and anklets, Arjay
creates the finest in worn art. Please see the jewelry pages for
examples and available pieces.

Arjay also creates fused glass art. What is fused glass art? Many
pieces of glass, brought to a high temperture in a specialized glass kiln
and formed into one of many wonderful shapes - for use in your home or
decor on your walls. Plates, bowls and vases in a variety of colors,
shapes and prices. Please see the Glass Art pages for some of her
work as well as pieces you can have in your home.

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This page features some of Arjay's past
work - from the beauty of the dicroic
pendant with the silver chain at the top, to
the multi-layered hot fused glass
geometric patterns of the bowl to the
delicate mottled look of the green bead to
the pure delite of the watch above, Arjay
consistently produces fine works of art.

Some are available in the North State at
local jewelers and some only here on her
web site. Either way, you're sure to get the
only example of that piece of work. Arjay doesn't use templates or designs and never makes
the same piece twice. Unlike the 'fine art' of Costco or Ikea, you'll never see your piece of
Arjay's on your neighbors wall. Totally unique.
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